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Reading is FUNdamental is the largest children's literacy nonprofit. They deliver free books and resources to children and families who need them most. When I was a kid, RIF ran commercials like the one below on TV regularly.

When I was thinking of a name for this activity, this name came rushing back. I have decided to capitalize the F. U. N. to highlight that reading can be pleasurable and my goal is to find articles and such that not only tie into the topics of our class but that also are interesting and enjoyable. I envision this eventually growing into a once-in-a-marking period type of activity. Have fun and enjoy!

Reading is an active process and so your reading assignment will always require you to do the following:

Follow the assigned reading that is linked below and read, don't skim, browse, or breeze through the article. Read for depth and comprehension. While reading, monitor your attention and reread as necessary. Use a dictionary for words you are not familiar with.

Reflections are a necessary part of every learning. Read the prompt associated with the reading and reflect on your answer.

Follow the link below to post your reflection to a discussion forum. This answer should be at least a paragraph response (125-250 words)

Once everyone posts their reflections, you will be given an additional few days to reply to several of your classmates' thoughts. Extend the conversation. Don't just say "good job" or "I agree". Ask questions, expand on the thoughts they have presented, or offer counter arguments. This discussion is a conversation and in a normal conversation there is back and forth. Feel free to check back often and post again if necessary (2 posts are a MINIMUM).

Reading Assignment
Due Dates
Chap 1 Sec 2 - Modern Life
Reflect Post Wed 9/17 8:00AM
Discussion Posts tbd