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  • Students entering this class should be punctual. Each student should enter the room in an orderly fashion and find their seats. No student should be out in the hallway/doorway for any reason. (See tardiness) Students are allowed to sharpen pencils or throw out trash without asking permission, but no students are allowed to leave their seatwhile the instructor is talking.

  • Students entering this class should be prepared for class. Each student is expected to supply his/her own notebook, as well as a pen or pencil. These materials must be available everyday. Unannounced checks of student preparedness will occur as will unannounced notebook quizzes. Failure to supply materials will impede the learning process and can adversely affect the student’s grade. Textbooks will be provided for each student in the classroom and students will have the option of an additional textbook or access to an online version for home use. Textbooks that are signed out are the student’s responsibility if damaged or lost.

  • Respect others and their property. A good rule of thumb to follow is to treat others, as you would like to be treated. Name-calling, using foul language, talking while someone else is speaking, handling things that do not belong to you, are all examples of lack of respect and will not be welcomed in this class.

  • No food, drink, or candy is permitted in the classroom.

  • Stay awake, attentive and alert. I do not permit my students to put their heads down on their desks. If you feel ill, please inform the teacher and you will be given a pass to see the school nurse.

  • Students who are legally absent on the day of a test must make up the test on their own time during a scheduled make up test period. It is the student’s responsibility to sign up to make up test and attend appointment.

  • All other school rules covered in the Code of Conduct will also be in-effect and enforced in this classroom.

Attendance is a major point in the educational process. Failure to attend class regularly due to cutting or from illegal or unexcused absences will result in lower grades. Repeat tardiness may also adversely affect a student’s grade due to loss of instruction. School policy states that if a student has 10 or more unexcused absences from a course, they will not receive credit.

Due to the layout and nature of the building tardiness will be handled based on the following policy. Each student will have 3 excused tardies to class (for the year). Beginning on the 4th late the school policy will go into affect. This policy states that students not in class on time will be issued a late and must follow school procedures/negative consequences.

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The classroom is where the majority of the learning will take place and it is the students’ responsibility to be alert and actively participate daily. The instructor will decide when and how participation points will be awarded. These points can be added to a test/quiz, classroom, or a homework assignment. These points are NOT transferable and will be tracked by the instructor.

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Daily written work (class or home) is due on the date assigned. 20% of the total points will be deducted per day for any work turned in late. So for example if a 10 pt assignment was turned in 1 day late, the student will start with an 80%. After 5 days late, a student will not receive credit for the missed assignment.

Points will not be deducted for late work due to a legitimate absence from class. In cases of such absences, any material covered or any work assigned must be submitted within one day after the absence. All assignments will be posted on the back calendar when collected and on the class wiki. It is the student’s responsibility to stay current with the events of the class and hand things in accordingly.

Notebooks are required of all students. Notebooks are to contain all the information expressed in writing on the blackboard or implied through instructor/student discussions. Any material distributed in class are to be included as part of the notebook’s contents. Notebooks can and will be evaluated in various ways.

Quizzes may be given at any time, on any material, to determine student preparedness.

A test is administered after the completion of a significant amount of information. Sufficient announcements will be made concerning the time, subject, and scope of each test.

Cheating will result in failure of the examination or assignment as well as any additional penalties outline in the code of conduct. Copying someone’s homework is cheating.

All students will be required to take a mid-term exam and possibly a final to pass this class. Students who have passed all four quarters with a 90% average and no quarter average less than 80 % will be exempt from the final. No student is exempt from the mid-term examination.

Homework will not be assigned every evening. Assignment will vary according to the topic that is being discussed. Since homework is not an every evening occurrence, it is imperative that students complete the assignments when they are given. These points will be crucial in maintaining a good grade and the assignments will enhance instruction assuring better performance on tests and other assessments. Homework will also provide a link to the next days’ class period. Not completing the assignment will place the student at a disadvantage and slow class flow and direction.

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Our school’s grading scale needs consistency across and within all content areas. To that end, all teachers are to use the following grading scale in all classes:

A+, A, A- = 90-100%
B+, B, B- = 80-89%
C+, C, C- = 70-79%
D+, D, D- = 60-69%
F = 59% and lower

To earn these letter grades, student will earn points for each assignment completed. The average percent of total points earned compared to total points possible will equal your grade. Example:

Assignment 1 18/25=72% (C)
Assignment 2 10/10=100% (A)
Total 28/35= 80% (B)

Students may fail based on District or School policies regardless of the grade they earned in this class. Students are advised to review the District and School policies with respect to grading and attendance. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you or your parent/guardians have any concerns.