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Welcome to Our Wiki!!
This wiki is a link to the content and inner workings of Mr. Carpenito's American Studies classes. Within it you will find a calendar of events for each particular subject, reminders of important upcoming events as well as project pages- which give instructions and more.

What makes this wiki different then other websites is that it is combined effort of my students and I. Guests please feel free to look around at the amazing things my students have created. Each student has his/her own portfolio page that can be accessed from the Student Portfolio Page link located in the navigation bar to the left.

Students this is also a tool to keep in contact. Lets use this as a resource to communicate. Post questions and feel free to answer other students questions if you know the answer. Lets make this a community of sharing information and growing together. Just click on your class in the navigation bar on the left to get started.

Parents use the navigation bar to the left to find your child's American Studies class calendar. On that page you will also find daily reminders, files of the assignments we have done- in case of student absence, and the items that were collected and graded.

Thanks again for visiting our site. We hope you enjoy what you find. ~ Mr Carpenito

A few years ago my classes did an activity which listed characteristics of a great teacher. I took that info and created a poster which now hangs in my room to remind me of the goals I should strive for. Below is that list.

A Great Teacher...
* keeps things interesting & fun by varying creative teaching strategies.

* enjoys their content, teaching, & relating to students.

* is approachable, patient, & fair, but also firm, organized, & consistent.

* is trustworthy respectful of students, and values their opinions and ideas.

* knows, understands, & encourages their students.

I will do my best to strive for these goals daily. ~ Mr. Carpenito


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